Surgery or a Major Trauma really sucks;
let’s make sure you don’t have to go through this again.

Nowhere in the entire field of Orthopedic Physical Therapy do we commit more effort and attention to forming our best practice than recovery from surgery or major injury. Thousands of research investigations are published yearly, and I want to be the vessel that delivers that best practice to you. We’re not just banging rocks together, the last 30 years of scientific investigation has provided some very clear rehabilitation pathways. Merging those directions with your individual experience, beliefs, and ambitions are my motivation.

Surgery and major injuries are hugely disruptive to your life, and this is where the greatest positive effect can be made. You may have heard that the greatest predictor of a is a previous one, and that’s really reflective of the previous rehabilitation. I keep a binder of all the latest Clinical Practice Guidelines in the clinic, to ensure you stay on the therapeutic path.


I am a physical therapist and worked with Paul as a patient after knee surgery and again post-concussion.

To say I’m “picky” about who I refer friends to is an understatement, but I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. He is an excellent clinician committed to continuous professional growth, a kind and humble human, and runs his business with integrity. He will listen to your story, perform a thorough objective assessment, address the more nuanced aspects of what you’re dealing with, and give you a clear plan forward. He’s also great at troubleshooting when bodies, er- my knee- doesn’t cooperate.

As a bonus, he takes most major insurances, his cash rate is probably too low, and it’s easy to schedule online. I promise he didn’t pay me to write this but full disclosure he was a good sport when my dog accompanied me to my appointment and pooped in his gym so do with that what you will.

Taylor Eckel

Paul has been an absolutely essential part of my recovery post-surgery for a full reconstruction of my hip labrum. Paul has an amazing depth of knowledge within his field, and he is able to apply that knowledge throughout each PT session. Having an amazing PT is essential for any sort of hip surgery, and Paul has supported me throughout the entire process. He’s a great listener and has excellent communication skills. From week 1 post surgery to 5 months, he has been a beacon of light for me during this tough portion of my life! If you’re looking for a solid PT, I highly recommend going to Paul at St. John’s Physical Therapy. I am very grateful for all he has done for me.

Ryan Humm

Paul’s expertise and willingness to go above and beyond to help me has been crucial in my ACL reconstruction recovery!

Courtney Walker