Whether you’re looking for some programming to keep active in the gym, or struggling to balance all the physical stresses in your sport training, we all can use a little help in making a plan.

Everybody needs a coach, quarterback, or therapist. Enduring all the stresses involved in overall sport training and performance is a blend of science and psychology. I work with athletes of all levels to help demystify these training principles, and provide the framework and programming to excel.

How it’s done:

  1. Regular contact to balance the stresses of your sport with training, strength and recovery.
  2. Programming for strength training, the most supported intervention for injury mitigation and performance.
  3. Programming for personal recovery plans (both short daily and longer entire sessions) to ensure training is tolerated.

visual from Daniel Bove’s “quadrant system”

Lauerson 2018 Systematic Review and Metanalysis on Success of Injury Prevention Strategies In Sport (Strength wins)

Illustration of from Daniel Bove’s “Quadrant System”

For the Industrial Athlete

  • Physical performance and stress are inherent in the tasks of your occupation, and we know quite well that the best way to manage that challenge is physical stress outside of your occupation.
  • Be best prepared to handle the unexpected at work, by training hard in your leisure time.

For the Endurance Athlete

  • I get it, I’ve been there, I just want to run/bike/swim.
  • And you should, that is your passion and absolutely should dominate your time and training.
  • But the key to handling that training, and harnessing your performance potential, is injury mitigation.
  • Some strategies for this can be simple, such as alternating shoes, running slower more often, and thinking about time instead of distance.
  • Some strategies are more nuanced, such as overall load management, ensuring proper load undulation, fitting in strength training, and personalizing strength and recovery to your needs.

For the Team Sport Athlete

  • Team sport is inherently chaotic, how do we give you the best shot of managing that chaos and meeting it head on?

Expense of Service

  • Full Ongoing Programming and Consulting, including email communication and discounted in person training – 300$/month

  • One-off Consult, PT examination, and 2 weeks programming (or 8 workouts at chosen interval) – 175$

  • Followup Programming, 8 workouts – 125$

  • Individualized system available for discussion


Really great experience with Paul. He has a different take on recovery and therapy than I’ve experienced with other PTs. His approach is very much focused on functional movement and not giving his patients a long list of exercises to do every day because he knows that simply isn’t going to happen for the average person.

I’ve started taking Strength Training classes next door at PDXstrength and he has helped me focus on doing moves that slowly train my body to use more range of motion under load making it easier for my body to access that range of motion during my day to day when not under load.

Stefan Peterson

I myself am a Physical therapist, but when it comes to your own body, sometimes it helps to see another PT instead of trying to treat yourself. Paul was the right choice to help me out! He didn’t make me feel rushed and took the time to address all of my concerns and questions. He thoroughly assessed my knee using objective tools and data and left no stone unturned. He gave me a comprehensive plan to recover while still allowing me to provide my own input and preferences over my plan of care. Best of all, he was very friendly and personable, making me feel confident and comfortable working with him. I would happily recommend Paul to any of my family or friends, and he would be my first choice should I need physical therapy services again.

Sarah Pongon

Paul is Awesome. As a strength coach and competitive athlete, I have a high standard in who I go to for help with pains or injuries that are out of my scope. Grateful to have someone like Paul in town! Not only is he an encyclopedia of good solutions, he’s a great guy as well!

Ben Sutz