For the athlete,

we keep your body in top working condition and in perfect balance

For the non-athlete,

we help improve your overall wellness and fitness

For all,

we show you how to maintain and develop your body yourself

Serving St Johns and the greater North Portland area with skilled orthopedic and athletic oriented physical therapy for performance, wellness, and rehabilitation following injury or surgery. Located within Cathedral Parks Place Building and partnering with PDXstrength, Paul’s extensive training and experience in physical medicine provides the best therapeutic solutions to your physical challenges. One patient at a time, no other staff present, hour appointments, we are still doing our best to provide exceptional care during covid-19 while minimizing all risk. To find out more or schedule your initial assessment, just drop…

I tell you… Paul is an awesome guy to work with.
My shoulder pain and back pain, both have been troubling me for the longest time.
I have attended other local Physical Therapy places… to varied degrees of success.

Experience with Paul was totally different. He could quickly identified the root cause and worked with me on a plan…. the results are visible in weeks (I should say days).

Happy man I am…. now

I came to Paul with persistent shoulder pain, which turned out to be a rotator cuff injury caused by poor lifting technique at the gym. With Paul’s help, I learned a handful of home exercises to heal the injury. On top of that, Paul showed me how to improve my form to prevent similar injuries in the future. Paul is not only gifted with his knowledge and application of body mechanics, but is a truly caring person. Though I have since healed from my injury, I continue to reach out for direction when needed, and always look forward to running into him in St. Johns. He and his services get my highest recommendation.


I wanted to take a few moments to express my profound gratitude, appreciation, and respect for you. When I came in here 18 months ago after my achilles rupture, I was facing a journey that was quite daunting. Through this difficult period you have always provided just the right mix of encouragement, expert advice, and goofy humor. I consider myself so fortunate to have come to know you and work with you during this time. By following your guidance I am emerging from this difficult episode not only in better physical health but also with a stronger mindset of who I am, what I can ask my body to do, and how to listen to what it is telling me. My outlook on the rest of my life is much brighter thanks to you.

Rafa B.