I’m Paul Cooley, a 5th generation Oregonian, physical therapist, double board-certified clinical specialist, sports performance coach, and all around interesting guy.



I am a physical therapist and worked with Paul as a patient after knee surgery and again post-concussion.

To say I’m “picky” about who I refer friends to is an understatement, but I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. He is an excellent clinician committed to continuous professional growth, a kind and humble human, and runs his business with integrity. He will listen to your story, perform a thorough objective assessment, address the more nuanced aspects of what you’re dealing with, and give you a clear plan forward. He’s also great at troubleshooting when bodies, er- my knee- doesn’t cooperate.

As a bonus, he takes most major insurances, his cash rate is probably too low, and it’s easy to schedule online. I promise he didn’t pay me to write this but full disclosure he was a good sport when my dog accompanied me to my appointment and pooped in his gym so do with that what you will.

Taylor Eckel

Really great experience with Paul. He has a different take on recovery and therapy than I’ve experienced with other PTs. His approach is very much focused on functional movement and not giving his patients a long list of exercises to do every day because he knows that simply isn’t going to happen for the average person.

I’ve started taking Strength Training classes next door at PDXstrength and he has helped me focus on doing moves that slowly train my body to use more range of motion under load making it easier for my body to access that range of motion during my day to day when not under load.

Stefan Peterson

Paul has been an absolutely essential part of my recovery post-surgery for a full reconstruction of my hip labrum. Paul has an amazing depth of knowledge within his field, and he is able to apply that knowledge throughout each PT session. Having an amazing PT is essential for any sort of hip surgery, and Paul has supported me throughout the entire process. He’s a great listener and has excellent communication skills. From week 1 post surgery to 5 months, he has been a beacon of light for me during this tough portion of my life! If you’re looking for a solid PT, I highly recommend going to Paul at St. John’s Physical Therapy. I am very grateful for all he has done for me.

Ryan Humm

I myself am a Physical therapist, but when it comes to your own body, sometimes it helps to see another PT instead of trying to treat yourself. Paul was the right choice to help me out! He didn’t make me feel rushed and took the time to address all of my concerns and questions. He thoroughly assessed my knee using objective tools and data and left no stone unturned. He gave me a comprehensive plan to recover while still allowing me to provide my own input and preferences over my plan of care. Best of all, he was very friendly and personable, making me feel confident and comfortable working with him. I would happily recommend Paul to any of my family or friends, and he would be my first choice should I need physical therapy services again.

Sarah Pongon

Paul is Awesome. As a strength coach and competitive athlete, I have a high standard in who I go to for help with pains or injuries that are out of my scope. Grateful to have someone like Paul in town! Not only is he an encyclopedia of good solutions, he’s a great guy as well!

Ben Sutz

Paul’s expertise and willingness to go above and beyond to help me has been crucial in my ACL reconstruction recovery!

Courtney Walker

I wanted to take a few moments to express my profound gratitude, appreciation, and respect for you. When I came in here 18 months ago after my achilles rupture, I was facing a journey that was quite daunting. Through this difficult period you have always provided just the right mix of encouragement, expert advice, and goofy humor. I consider myself so fortunate to have come to know you and work with you during this time. By following your guidance I am emerging from this difficult episode not only in better physical health but also with a stronger mindset of who I am, what I can ask my body to do, and how to listen to what it is telling me. My outlook on the rest of my life is much brighter thanks to you.

Rafa B.

As a fellow physical therapist, I’ve been blown away by the experience with Paul. He is a true therapist’s therapist.
I came to see him with a goal to through hike the Enchantments in WA, but had several lingering issues in my hip and shoulder.
We did 3 visits over 3 months. In that time, his programming, communication and use of objective measurements took my conditioning to another level.
On the first visit he said, “there’s a version of you that does great on this hike”. I was able to create that version with his guidance. I set a PR on the hike, but more importantly, I came away with greater confidence in my body and ability to enjoy movement.
I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to create a better version of themselves with expert guidance”.

Ryan Miller PT, DPT

I came to Paul with persistent shoulder pain, which turned out to be a rotator cuff injury caused by poor lifting technique at the gym. With Paul’s help, I learned a handful of home exercises to heal the injury. On top of that, Paul showed me how to improve my form to prevent similar injuries in the future. Paul is not only gifted with his knowledge and application of body mechanics, but is a truly caring person. Though I have since healed from my injury, I continue to reach out for direction when needed, and always look forward to running into him in St. Johns. He and his services get my highest recommendation.


“Long story short: Paul is awesome and knows what he is doing.

Long story:

I am a fairly successful combat sports athlete, age 34. In July of 2022 I suffered a catastrophic injury in the training room in which my knee collapsed inwards while all of my body weight and all of my training partner’s body weight were situated on my right leg (my left leg was not on the ground). I fully ruptured my ACL and MCL and suffered a partial tear of my LCL along with my popliteus tendon and one of my hamstring tendons. In addition, I suffered minor impact fractures of the tibial plateau and femoral condyle. Basically, I destroyed my knee really badly and it really stunk. I had surgery to repair my ACL using a patellar tendon autograft and a fairly large free body which appeared to be a chunk of bone or cartilage was removed from inside the joint.

While I have to say that I think my surgeon was really awesome, I made the mistake of assuming I could wholly rely on my hospital network’s sports rehab PT’s. I am a fairly dedicated athlete with no professional or educational background in rehab or literature-based strength programming, and the rehab guidance and programming provided by my hospital network’s PT’s was very loose and general. As a result, I was trying to implement and structure my own specific rehab and strength programming based on the loose guidelines and “suggestions” provided by my hospital network PT. After several months of making frustratingly little to no gains attempting to combat the quadriceps dysfunction that comes post ACL sugery, at the suggestion of my girlfriend, I sought the help of Paul.

Since working with Paul, my quad dysfunction has lessened considerably and I have made significant strength gains. Paul has given me exactly what I sought in that he has provided me with specific exercises and set and rep schemes to implement in the weight room. There is no guesswork on my part, which I really appreciate (I recently started my own business and I just simply don’t have time or knowledge base to research and design proper programming on my own). Paul has been empathetic, understanding, and highly communicative while working with me. He is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job explaining the specifics of my injury and how they relate to my muscular dysfunction, the means and methods of rehab, and the “why’s” and “how’s” behind those rehab methods. He is a very affable and positive dude on top of all of that.

Paul’s rates are also, in my opinion, excellent and highly affordable. I don’t have loads of income and my insurance doesn’t cover Paul’s practice, so I am incredibly thankful that I can afford to have access to someone of Paul’s level of expertise and professionalism.

As far as hard numbers go, I went from approximately 30% deficiency (when compared to my uninjured leg) in quad strength in my ACL-R leg to approximately 20% deficiency in quad strength after working with Paul for the last two months as measured by Biodex tests at OHSU. I also made strength gains in my healthy leg after implementing his programming.

I am so thankful to have met Paul and started working with him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for general physical therapy or rehabilitation following a sports injury.”

Eddie Jamrog