Paul Cooley

I’m your neighbor, I’m part of this community, I spend time with my patients and get them better faster.
I have experienced 5 years of commercial fishing, 2 years of selling lawn mowers, clinical doctorate education in physical medicine, a childhood of overweight indulgence, and an adult life of intense athletic endeavors. In short: wherever your ailment is coming from, I get it. I can meet you there, and use my many years of professional education and clinical experience to address your problem at it’s core.

Raised in Washington tulip country, humbled during 5 years of commercial fishing in Alaska, and trained by some of the leaders in his field, Paul brings a diversity of personal experiences and unique interpersonal investment to his clinical practice. After graduating from the University of Portland with a degree in Biochemistry, Paul received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Columbia University and participated on the medical school’s rugby team. While recovering from his own childhood weight gain, injuries, aches, and pains, Paul has observed that people are not just muscles and bones, but complex individuals with goals, expectations, social needs, and anxieties. During his training and multiple years of clinical practice, Paul has taught at Pacific University’s Physical Therapy program, participated in medical missions to Haiti, and initiated multiple adaptive sports programs to assist those with different abilities the joy of movement and community.

Paul is a 5th generation Oregonian and has been part of the North Portland community for 11 years. He believes the steady state of the body should not be a pain, and anyone who needs their body to work for them should consider themselves an athlete.

Recent Continuing Education courses:

  • Sloptimal Loading: realistic ExRx in Rehabilitation

  • The Complete Runner: a physical therapists evaluation and treatment model

  • Spinal Manipulations

  • UE, Cervical, and TMJ

  • Amputee Walking School

  • The Shoulder: Complex doesn’t have to be Complicated