I provide physical medicine through therapy. By that, I mean that 100% of your time in my clinic will be with me, face to face, investigating the cause of your ailments and constructing a course of recovery and improvement that is specific to your needs. Everyone has expectations of their body whether it be lifting weights, firehouses, a briefcase or a baby. I help you maximize your body in whatever way you need.

Clinical excellence is a combination of targeted intervention, extensive research,and personal experience. These must be integrated with patients’ concerns, resources, and desires. With these variables involved in every treatment, the following is a list of conditions and activities our clinic treats:

  • Industrial athletics: Construction worker, Fire fighter, police officer, Military personnel, electrician, plumber, land surveyor, or anyone whose occupation involves physical demands
  • Crossfit, Strong Person, Olympic lifting, or body building injury and performance.
  • Sports injury or performance of any kind, including running, track and field, rugby, basketball and soccer
  • Triathlete injury and performance
  • Non-operative orthopedic conditions including: Low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, plantar fasciopathy, Achilles tendonopathy, rotator cuff injury, tennis/golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndromes, herniated discs, muscle strains, or other physical injury of the body warranting a physical therapy consult.
  • Operative orthopedic conditions including: Ligament reconstruction, spine surgeries, fracture repair, joint reconstruction (total or partial knee, hip, shoulder, etc), hand surgery, or any other musculoskeletal/orthopedic surgery warranting physical therapy care
  • Individuals living with amputation
  • Hand and upper extremity patients
  • Anyone motivated to learn more about their body or condition.

And, as always, if we can’t provide a sufficient answer to your physical medicine or training question, we can put you in front of someone who can.

Types of Services Provided

We aim to answer the following questions:

  • What is my condition? Is it serious?
  • What can I (the patient) do about it?
  • What can you (the physical therapist) do about it?
  • How long should it take to resolve?
  • How much should I expect it to cost?

Targeted Exercise Prescription:

  • Manual therapy (soft tissue massage/mobilization, myofascial release, joint mobilization/manipulation, ASTYM, gua sha)
  • Training advice direction, and planning
  • Blood flow restriction (when appropriate)

Types of Visits We Offer

The cornerstone of effective physical healthcare is education. Often visits can be contained to 1 or 2 sessions to address a patient’s concerns, strategize with available tools, develop an appropriate plan, and provide targeted interventions or therapeutic exercise for Longte self management.

For the condition necessitating continued monitoring, progression, and resolution. These are often post-operative conditions, but could also be significant muscle strain or other injury. We are there to navigate the entire journey with you and ensure a full return.

If you live in the greater St. John’s area and are unable to make it to our clinic space for any particular reason, please reach out and we can discuss the possibility of a home visit.

For those seeking ongoing advice and variability in their exercise plan. We can continually meet to freshen up your sweat sessions.

Expense and Billing

Superior, targeted, and educated healthcare comes with a cost. Most of our clients elect to pay cash. We offer accessible care which strives to provide guidance and education that will minimize the necessary number of visits on your road to recovery.

  • Cash rate for establishment of care visit: 150$
  • Cash rate for ongoing visits: 100$
  • Cash rate if averaging greater than 1 visit per week: 75$
  • Cash rate for PDXstrength members: 75$

All visits are 1 hour unless otherwise decided between Paul and the patient.
Please reach out concerns, questions, or specific hardship. Everyone deserves healthcare, and we strive to accommodate if possible and reasonable.

Please reach out, we do accept several insurances.

We can work with your claim to get you on a targeted recovery plan.

Length of Session

All our office visits are one hour in length unless otherwise agreed upon between client and practitioner.


St John’s Physical Therapy provides care and training in two locations within the same building.  A private clinic/office space for examinations and more secluded traditional care, and within PDXstrength to provide an open atmosphere with all the tools necessary for provide sport training. Our partnering with PDXstrenth provides a great potential transition for continued training after a course of Physical Therapy. Please let us know if you prefer a more private setting, as this is perfectly available.